Academic is well organised with help on academic and non-academic writing


Academic is well organised with help on academic and non-academic writing, they offer a vast amount of free resources on Essay Writing, Research Papers, Writing Reviews and Term Papers. There is a great section on Becoming a Student, this covers Application and Admission essays, Personal Statements and Scholarship Applications. The Site boasts a large Business Writing Section with everything from Newsletters, Business Email, Presentations and Proposals, Press-Releases and Resumes and Cover Letter examples. If you are a creative writer then this site has it all, from Song Writing, Novels, Short Stories, Screenplays, Books, Poetry and more... A large section of Letter Writing Rounds off the great advice and resources this site has to offer, here you can learn about Complaints, Grant Applications, Informal letters, and many more with the final section on General Writing Tips, this covers Common Grammar Mistakes, How to edit, Words to Avoid, Thesis Statements and plenty more. Visit this site now, you won't be disappointed.

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