Accuplacer Math Practice

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Do you need Accuplacer math practice? Our new publication entitled "Accuplacer Math Success" contains 200 Accuplacer math practice problems and guided, step-by-step solutions.

For each of the problems in our book, we include a written explanation, which describes the how to solve the problem in words, as well as an illustrated step-by-step mathematical solution, which shows you all of the mathematical steps needed to solve each problem.

The book contains 40 arithmetic problems, 60 algebra problems, and 100 college-level math problems.

There is a helpful "Accuplacer Math Formulas at a Glance" section at the beginning of our book to help you review all of the formulas covered on the Accuplacer math test.

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The problems in this book are different than those we provide in our other book "Accuplacer Test Success", so you can purchase "Accuplacer Math Success" individually or as a supplement to our other material.

Note: and are not affiliated with the College Board, the entity which administers and has trademarked the Accuplacer exam. 

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