Five Ways To Get Better Grades in College

By: Chris Stout

Grades aren’t everything, but for some people they’re the only thing. Grades are an important way to measure your success in college, but they are not the only results you’re after. You need to find a way to make college personally fulfilling. You need to craft a customized college experience that really floats your boat. When you make college personally rewarding, you grades go through the roof.

Here are five ways to get better grades while in college.

1. Take amazing notes - You need to go to class fully prepared and ready for war. It’s not enough to just sit down and absorb. You need to document all the action as it unfolds. When you take amazing notes, you learn more during and after your lectures. During your lectures, you are more aware of the information that’s being presented to you, because you are processing it on two levels, one mental and one physical. After your lectures, you have a written historical account of all the ideas, dates and references that you were exposed to that day. This record can then be used for assignment execution and test preparation.

2. Bring a unique perspective to every assignment - You need to strive toward originality. If you want to distinguish yourself from your other classmates, you have to bring a unique perspective to every assignment. You can’t recycle old arguments and popular sentiments, you must create a new, imaginative spin. Combine multiple perspectives in a new way. Challenge something or be controversial. If you can back up your original claims with solid analysis, then you’ll get excellent grades on every assignment.

3. Find an ally in class - You need to have at least one partner in crime for every class that you take. Target someone interesting. Introduce yourself and your intentions. Exchange phone numbers and talk about your coursework outside of class. If you can combine your know-how with someone else’ s bucket of accumulated information, then you’ll achieve better marks on your tests and assignments.

4. Get a tutor if you need to - If you need some extra instruction, find a tutor. Tutors will give you a supplemental method of learning that’s conversational and personally tailored to your academic needs. Work on your weaknesses. Get extra help, put in extra time and your grades will improve.

5. Choose courses that really interest you - Love the courses you enroll in, or shop around for better options. Be intrigued by the material and let your curiosity take over.

Discover what study method(s) work best for you. Experiment with a few different approaches, and when you find the one that fits your personality, perfect it. Work on getting betting grades, but put personal growth ahead of GPA considerations.

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