Presentation Practice

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Presentation Practice: If you want to improve your presentation skills, you need to practice speaking in front of a class.  This exercise helps you practice giving a presentation to your classmates.

TASK:  Interview someone in your class and find out more about them.  Make brief notes to use later on.  Use the framework below to help you structure your presentation.  Speak for two minutes in small groups and then present your classmate to the entire class. 

FRAMEWORK:  You are going to practice introducing a presentation and stating its purpose.  Make a few notes based on the list below and choose appropriate phrases for each part of your talk before speaking.

  • Indicate that you are ready to begin.  For example: "OK, let’s get started" or "Good morning everyone."
  • Thank the audience for coming.
  • State the purpose of your talk.
  • Introduce your classmate.
  • Give a few details about him or her.
  • Sum up.
  • Invite questions.

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