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The introduction or opening to your presentation is perhaps the most important part of your talk because it makes a first impression. This worksheet covers how to improve the opening to your presentation and get the attention of your audience.

Presentation Do’s and Don’ts

Which of these would you do in the opening of a presentation?  Which ones should you avoid?

  • Sit down
  • Apologise if your subject is complex
  • Apologise because you haven’t had much time to prepare
  • Introduce yourself by giving your name and other relevant professional details
  • Tell the audience not to interrupt you with questions
  • Tell everyone a joke to get them to relax
  • Say what the content of the presentation will be and how long it will last
  • Tell the audience whether there will be any handouts
  • State the main purpose of the presentation
  • Tell the audience a story, set a problem, or give some amazing facts
  • Put your hands in your pockets
  • Acknowledge those who have helped you

Presentation Openings

Now look at these introductions.  Which one do you think is the best?  Why?

1. I’d like to begin my presentation with some statistics, so please pay attention.

2. If you have any questions, or don’t follow anything I say, please feel free to interrupt me at any time.

3. My presentation will last for about one hour and I hope we’ll have time for a few questions at the end.

4. Good morning everyone.  My name is Peter and my presentation is going to be about the recent developments on stem cell research.  I’m planning to speak for about 30 minutes, and I’ve divided the talk into two main sections.


Now, write down at least five key things to remember to do in your introduction:


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