Study Skills for Written Assignments


This worksheet is designed as an in-class activity to help students assess their own writing skills. In this activity, students will discuss and evaluate their own approaches to their written assignments. This worksheet may be photocopied.

Discussion Point 1 - Thinking about your assignments

Think about the assignments you will have to do during your course. Look at the questions below and discuss your answers with the class.  Make notes so that you can use them for class feedback.

1. What types of assignment will you have to produce for your course? 

2. What are your professors measuring in your assignments? 

3. Who are you writing assignments for? 

4. How does your “audience” affect your writing style?  

5. What do you hope to achieve by doing an assignment? 

6. How will you begin preparing for the assignment? 

7. How will you structure it? 

8. How many words will you have to write? 

9. How long will you have to complete it? 

10. What rules does your department have about the presentation of assignments? 

Discussion Point 2 - Assessment Criteria

You may be given a set of guidelines by your department which tell you how your work is assessed.  These guidelines, or marking criteria, help professors grade your work accurately and fairly. You should read these criteria so that you can do your best to meet them and hopefully achieve good marks.

These are the areas which your professors will be assessing.  Discuss with the class how you would interpret each term:

1. Knowledge and understanding
2. Presentation
3. Quality of Writing
4. Structure
5. Evaluation of arguments and evidence
6. Data analysis
7. Technical skills
8. Problem solving

Discussion Point 3 - Evaluation

How will your change your study approach based on what you have discovered in discussion points 1 and 2? Discuss with the class.

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